MaiATech 7th Anniversary Celebration (November 6, 2015 – November 6, 2022)

Posted Date: November 7, 2022 Author: Pham Minh Nghia Chuyên mục : NEWS

On November 6, MaiATech had a very important and meaningful holiday - the company's founding anniversary. After 7 years of construction and development, MaiATech has been gradually asserting its name and bringing its brand to everyone. It is certain that that success is the result of many contributions of effort, energy and wisdom from the leaders and generations of employees at the company, who have joined hands to build the MaiATech house. Those contributions will always be remembered, respected, preserved and promoted.

Company Slogan

“Many efforts – one belief” has become a tradition and development orientation of the company. We will always face many challenges on the way to develop the company to new heights. We believe that with the belief, determination and unity of a team that has a history of 7 years, although the time is not too long, but with the close solidarity internally, as well as the creative spirit. and continuous innovation, MaiATech will continue to overcome challenges, steadily move forward, continue to fulfill the mission in the company's career.

A photo of the company's CEO with the staff

A photo of the company's CEO and MaiATech staff

Outstanding Employee Award

The company's founding anniversary is an opportunity for the company's leaders to express their gratitude and encouragement to the staff who have been attached and devoted to the company over the past time. In this way, all MaiATech employees feel that their efforts and efforts have been recognized and rewarded, thereby wanting to stick with the company longer.

Some employee commendation pictures

employee award employee award employee award

Gratitude to customers and company partners

Customer care policy is always the top priority of every company or business. Whether the development is strong or not is also thanks in large part to the trust of customers.

Partners and investors are "colleagues" by their side, helping each other to achieve business goals. Creating better relationships with customers and partners - who have contributed significantly on the way to build a business's brand is a very important factor.

Group photo of Mr. Ngo Cong Thang - Vice Dean of IT Faculty and MaiATech staff

The anniversary ceremony will replace the deep gratitude to customers and partners for trusting, supporting and accompanying the business during its operation. At the same time, strengthen relationships, connect and build more sustainable relationships.

Set goals and direction for the future

With this event of great significance, businesses also have the opportunity to set themselves goals and motivations for progress in the future such as:

+ Improve working style, maintain good corporate culture.

+ Improve the sense of responsibility, continue to carry out the mission of the enterprise.

+ Improve the quality, service and brand image of the business.

+ Set new business goals towards the core value of bringing satisfaction and trust.

The celebration took place very successfully and smoothly. Once again, we - the entire leadership and staff of MaiATech would like to thank everyone who attended the ceremony.

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