Công ty TNHH Công nghệ MaiA (MaiATech)

Core beliefs

1. Belief in continuity:

Like the water that "flows into the pool and rains back to the source", we believe that nothing completely stops, nothing completely disappears, but they are constantly changing, transforming, arising, to create endless chain of cause and effect. That belief keeps us accountable to all of our work.

2. Belief in the spread of good things:

We believe that every good thought, action, attitude, and word will be spread to the people around, helping the social community to become better and better. Since then, we have always wanted to use technology to create good values for society.

Core values

1. With customers, partners:

Harmonious interests, all parties benefit.

2. Internally:

Democracy in discussion but unity in action, the private must submit to the common, reasonable and sentimental. Create conditions for everyone to promote their capacity and receive results commensurate with their work performance.

Development direction

1. Develop tailor-made projects as required to accumulate experience, capital, prestige, and expand customer portfolio.

2. Developing services under the model of “software as a service” (Software as a service – SaaS) on the Internet platform.

3. Research and develop core technology.